Hi, I’m Joe, the creator of Think More Quizzes, allow me to bore you with the story on why this site is here right now.

As a child, my grandma would gather myself and my siblings around and she would ask us quiz questions. For the questions we got right she would give us a 5 or 10 cent piece.

And while I love doing those quizzes, I detested the long car rides to visit her house.

One day we were about to head off on one of these long car rides and I thought… ‘what could make this car ride more fun is if I have my own quiz to ask my family on the way.’

And that’s what I did, and the more I wrote quizzes the more I found the most interesting questions to ask were questions where my family could work out the answer and not questions that they immediately knew or don’t know.

I also noticed that all the quiz sites on the internet, in newspapers and magazines and on quiz shows were all filled with questions that you either knew or you didn’t know the answer to so I thought I need to create something which asks questions that make you think.

So for years when I had a spare moment I would write quizzes in this style and in 2017 I have started publishing these quizzes online.

I hope you enjoy them.