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Components Quiz

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November 22, 2020
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November 27, 2020

This quiz asks what are the components that make up different things.

Single player: Try and guess as many components as you can before revealing the answer.

Multiplayer: First person to answer a component correctly has the chance to answer all the other components themselves. If they are wrong, open it up to all the other contestants and the next person to answer a correct component can continue on and so forth.

What are the 4 main blood types?
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1. A 2. B 3. AB 4.O

What are the 4 c’s of quality checking diamonds?
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1. Cut 2. Colour 3. Clarity 4. Carat

Which four Presidents' heads are carved into Mount Rushmore?
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1. George Washington 2.Thomas Jefferson 3.Theodore Roosevelt 4. Abraham Lincoln

What are the 4 chemical elements that make up a table salt water solution?
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1. Sodium 2. Chloride 3. Hydrogen 4. Oxygen

What 4 things make up what is referred to as the 'gas giants'?
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1.Jupiter 2.Saturn 3.Uranus 4.Neptune

What are the 4 main components that make up human blood?
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1.White cells 2.Red cells 3.Platelets 4.Plasma

What are the 4 Nobel prize categories that don’t start with the letter P (Peace, Physics and Physiology)?
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1.Chemistry 2.Literature 3.Economics 4.Medicine

Who are the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
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1.Leonardo 2.Donatello 3. Michelangelo 4.Raphael

What 4 European capital cities does the river Danube run through?
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1. Belgrade 2.Budapest 3.Bratislava 4.Vienna

What are the 4 events that make up a tennis grand slam?
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1. Australian Open 2.French Open 3.Wimbledon 4. US Open

What are the 4 US States that begin with the letter I?
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1.Indiana 2.Iowa 3.Illinois 4.Idaho

What 4 countries have Disneyland locations?
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1.US 2.France 3.Hong Kong/China 4. Japan

What are the 4 P’s that make up the marketing mix?
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1.Product 2.Place 3.Price 4.Promotion

What are the 4 weight classes in the UFC men’s division that don't have the words heavy, middle or light in its' name?
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1.Flyweight 2.Bantamweight 3.Featherweight 4.Welterweight

Who are the 4 brothers from the original Jackson 5 not named Michael?
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1.Jermain 2.Tito 3.Marlon 4.Jackie

What are the 4 chambers of a mammals heart?
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1. Right Ventricle 2.Left ventricle 3.Right Aorta 4. Left Aorta

Who are the 4 marvel characters that make up the Fantastic 4?
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1. The Invisible Woman 2. The Thing 3. Mr. Fantastic 4.The Human Torch

What are the 4 parks that make up Disney World in Florida?
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1. Magic Kingdom 2. Animal Kingdom 3. Hollywood Studios 4.Epcot

What are the 4 types of human teeth?
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1. Molars 2. Premolars 3. Incisors 4. Canines

What are the 4 layers of the earth?
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1. Inner core 2. Outer core 3. Mantle 4. Crust

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