Criteria Quiz

Companies founded in which country
December 9, 2021
Speed quiz
January 3, 2022

Try to work out what is the one thing that fits all the criteria that is listed.

E.g. Question: - North American country.
-Borders the US.
-English is the national language.
Answer: Canada

-Cannot fly
-Can swim underwater
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Penguin (Also accepted Kiwi bird)

-Has won the Nobel prize in physics
-Has won the Nobel prize in chemistry
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Marie Curie

-CNN Natural wonder of the world
-In Africa
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Victoria Falls

-Element in periodic table
-Transitional metal
-Liquid at room temperature
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-Natural disaster
-Caused by seismic plate movement
-Name has Japanese origins
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-Body part
-Grows your entire life
-You only have one
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-Animal in Chinese zodiac
-Two legs
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-Movie that has grossed more than 2 billion dollars
-Released between 2005 and 2010
-Not a movie part of a series of movies
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-Prime number
-Positive number
-Even number
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-Non-human animal
-Can laugh
-Has hands
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-Commonwealth country
-Runs through the equator
-In top 10 most populated countries
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-A word that has a similar meaning to the word ‘critical’
-Has the same first two letters as the word ‘critical’
-Has the same last two letters as the word ‘critical’
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-Animal classification based on eating habits
-These animals eat meat
-These animals don’t hunt
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-A state of matter
-Not a solid liquid or gas
-Lightning is this state of matter
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-Marvel comics character
-Based on a norse god
-Part of the Avengers
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-Sport in winter olympics
-Sled based
-No double or team version of the sport
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-Animal that does not lay eggs
-Animal is an omnivore
-Animal can fly
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-Food made from dried grapes
-Made from white seedless grapes
-Dried naturally
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-Island European country
-Not part of the UK or Ireland
-Not in the mediterranean
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-Not an insect
-Can turn its’ head 270 degrees
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1. -Bird. -Cannot fly. -Can swim underwater. Answer: Penguin.(Also accept Kiwi bird)

2. -Woman. -Has won nobel prize in physics. -Has won nobel prize in chemistry. Answer: Marie Curie.

3. -CNN Natural wonder of the world. -In Africa. -Waterfall. Answer: Victoria falls.

4.-Element in periodic table. -Transitional metal. -Liquid at room temperature. Answer: Mercury.

5.-Natural disaster. -Caused by seismic plate movement. -Name has Japanese origins. Answer: Tsunami.

6. -Body part. -Grows your entire life. -You only have one. Answer: Nose.

7.-Animal in Chinese zodiac. -Two legs. -Feathered. Answer: Rooster.

8.-Movie that has grossed more than 2 billion dollars. -Released between 2005 and 2010. -Not a movie part of a series of movies. Answer: Avatar.

9.-Prime number. -Positive number. -Even number. Answer: 2.

10. -Non-human animal. -Can laugh -Has hands Answer: Apes

11.-Commonwealth country. -Runs through the equator. -In top 10 most populated countries Answer: Brazil.

12.-A word that has a similar meaning to the word ‘critical’ -Has the same first two letters as the word ‘critical’. -Has the same last two letters as the word ‘critical’. Answer: Crucial.

13.-Animal classification based on eating habits. -These animals eat meat. -These animals don’t hunt. Answer: Scavengers.

14.-A state of matter. -Not a solid liquid or gas. -Lightning is this state of matter. Answer: Plasma.

15.-Marvel comics character. -Based on a norse god. -Part of the Avengers. Answer: Thor.

16.-Sport in winter olympics. -Sled based. -No double or team version of the sport. Answer: Skeleton.

17.-Animal that does not lay eggs. -Animal is an omnivore. -Animal can fly. Answer: Bats.

18. -Food made from dried grapes. -Made from white seedless grapes. -Dried naturally. Answer: Raisins.

19.-Island European country. -Not part of the UK or Ireland. -Not in the mediterranean. Answer: Iceland.

20.-Animal. -Not an insect. -Can turn its’ head 270 degrees. Answer: Owl.

Well done on completing this quiz!
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