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What am I describing

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August 3, 2020
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August 9, 2020

You are provided with a description, try to work out what it is a description of.

e.g. A liquid that is found in the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. In solid form it is ice and in gas form it is steam.

Answer: Water

This thing catches insects and arachnids with a trapping structure triggered by tiny hairs on its surface.
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Venus Fly Trap

This brass instrument is made of more than 20 feet of coiled tubing and has a flared bell. Musicians place their hand in the bell of the instrument to control the sound.
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French Horn

This national flag is divided into three horizontal thirds which are from top to bottom colored orange, white and green. In the middle of the flag is the Ashoka wheel.
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The Indian National Flag

The only mineral made completely out of carbon. They come in the colours yellow, blue, green and orange. They are the hardest natural substance found on earth.
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It stands over 300 feet tall. It used to be a brown copper colour but over the years has turned a sea green colour. Part of it is a book, another part is a torch.
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The Statue of Liberty

A symbol that has a circle, there is an arrow coming out of the top right side of the circle. It is often depicted to be blue in color.
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The symbol for males

Made out of stainless steel, its entire exterior is a reflective mirror. It is inspired by liquid mercury and is in the shape of a bean. It is 66 ft wide and people can walk underneath it.
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Cloud Gate in Chicago

This ape-like creature taller than a human is rumoured to be seen in Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet.
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Although it is called a box, this ancient artifact is a large jar. According to Greek mythology, it shouldn’t be opened because it will let all the world’s evil out.
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Pandora’s box

This spinning wheel has alternating colored segments. It can make people very happy or sad in an instance.
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A roulette wheel

A building shaped like flames rising into the sky is colorful and located near Red Square.
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The Kremlin/ St Basil’s cathedral

A man made of metal, holding a sword and standing on a movie reel.
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An Oscar Award Statue

People hit keys on this, to make a hammers move, which hits strings, which make noises.
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A piano

The fruit has around 200 seeds growing on its’ outside.
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This string instrument is in the symphony orchestra that is bigger than a violin but smaller than cello.
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This river runs from the Western Himalayas through Northern India, through Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal.
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Constructed in 1923, it is a sign located on the side of a hill. It was originally a billboard to attract people to buy property in the area but nowadays it is a tourist attraction.
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The Hollywood Sign

This thing feeds from absorbing plant and animal matter around them. They reproduce by creating spores. Some are poisonous others are a delicacy.
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Apart from echidnas, they are the only monotremes in the world, meaning they are mammals that lay eggs. They have a bill like a duck, feet like otters and a tail like a beaver.
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This gliding object is generally approximately 8 inches wide and is used for recreation and sport.
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