Our Philosophy

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Think More Quizzes is Trivia with a twist

You will soon realise, the questions in Think More Quizzes are not like the questions you will find in your everyday quiz site, trivia show or magazine quiz.

Our questions are designed to encourage critical thinking to work out the answers. The result will be a sharper mind and a greater sense of satisfaction when you start working out the answers more and more.

It's important to not give up on finding the answer to early, you may surprise yourself on how much you know.

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Let's take a look at this question...

What is the difference between poison and venom?

You may not know the answer at first, however everyone knows facts about poison and venom and by exploring our knowledge on the topic we can work out the answer.

We know venom and poison are both toxic to the body. We know snakes, spiders and scorpions are venomous and they deliver the venom by means of a sting or bite. We know poison can be found in the form of chemicals, berries, mushrooms and gasses.

If we compare the two, we can work out that venom enters the body by sting or bite infecting the circulatory system while poisons gain entry by being swallowed or inhaled effecting the digestive system.

You knew it all along!

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You will notice the quizzes don't have multiple choice answers or a scoring system.

This is because being presented with possible answers will take away from the critical thinking we want you to do to work out the answers.

If you want some ideas of different ways to play the game yourself or with friends, check out the game play page.