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Pointless quiz

Connection quiz
May 1, 2021
Topic King Quiz
June 10, 2021

This is the pointless quiz, and we mean it is truly pointless. Leave your brain at the door, your best bet is to cross your fingers and your toes. This isn’t a usual style quiz for Think More Quizzes but every now and then we can goof off right?


#1. Heads or Tails?


#2. The correct answer is a number between 1-5.


#3. Rock, Paper, Scissors

We through scissors. No points for drawing.


#4. If the answer to the question ‘what?’ is ‘that’, then what is the answer to the question ‘when?’ ? Type in your answer.


#5. Are you going to answer this question?


#6. Black or White


#7. Spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds?


#8. What word is spelled incorrectly in every single dictionary? ? Type in your answer.


#9. You are playing black jack, you have 16, do you hit or stay?

The dealer had Blackjack the whole time so you were never going to win. This truly was a pointless quiz… 

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Well done on completing this quiz!
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