If you haven’t noticed by now, this is no ordinary quiz site.


Because you won’t find many questions like this: Which actor plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones? Or: On what date did man first land on the moon?

These are questions in which you either know the answer or don’t; whereas the big focus of the questions on this site encourage you to think and try to work out the answers. You will often find that when you don’t know the answer at first, you will be able to work it out. And by answering these questions, you are training your brain to think more effectively, and it’s just that little bit sweeter when you arrive at the correct answer as well.

Take this question for example: What is the difference between poison and venom?

Many people won’t immediately know the answer so their initial reaction might be to say: ‘I don’t know!’

However everyone knows facts about poison and venom and by exploring our knowledge on the topic we have a good chance of working out the answer.

In this instance most people will know that venom and poison are both toxic to the body. The next train of thought might be to think about things that are venomous and things that are poisonous. Say venom and most people will think of creatures like snakes, spiders and scorpions and they will think of these creatures delivering the venom by means of a sting or bite. Say poison and most people will think of certain chemicals, certain berries and perhaps frogs and gasses.

If you compare the venomous things to the poisonous things, it becomes clear that venom enters the body by sting or bite while poisons gain entry by being swallowed, inhaled or absorbed.

You knew it all along!

So welcome to the ‘Think More’ approach to quizzes for building confidence in your own knowledge, thinking strategies and capabilities.