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man trying to catch sword accident waiting to happen


Common Mistake Quiz

The world's tallest mountain in the world is NOT Mount Everest.

Oxygen is NOT the most commonly breathed in gas.

Jump in to this quiz to learn more about common misconceptions that still are believed by the masses today.
guess the city kuala-lumpur guess the city1


Guess the City Quiz

This skyline features the largest twin towers in the world.

But what city is it?

Take an inquisitive tour around the world with the Guess the City Quiz.
two bees together


Two Correct Answers Quiz

There are two planets without moons... what are they?

Which 2 letters in scrabble are worth the most?

This quiz asks questions with two correct answers. Double the fun... or the misery.
top 5 quiz


Top 5 Quiz

What are top 5 most populated US cities?

How about the top 5 fast food chains with the most outlets worldwide...

Jump in to the Top 5 quiz to dive into these Top 5 lists.
odd one out


Odd One Out Quiz

What is the odd one out?

A) Ravioli B) Penne C) Marinara D) Macaroni

Play this quiz to pick the one that does not belong.
canada marching band flag


Guess the Flag Quiz

Here are 20 photos of flags

Simply type in the country which has its flag pictured.

What are you waiting for, let's go!
owl camouflage


Captain Obvious Quiz

Which US state did KFC originate in?

What two Greek words are used to create the word alphabet?

The answer to these questions are staring at you.
world map northern africa europe middle east


Guess the Map Quiz

Alright Geography nerds, here is one for you.

Figure out or guess which country is highlighted on the map.

There is an easy, medium, hard and expert level version of this quiz for wherever your map knowledge is today.
who am I quiz


50 50 Quiz

Is the fruit orange named after the color orange or is the color orange named after the fruit orange?

Is a paediatrician a doctor specialising in feet or children?

Dive in to the 50 50 quiz to guess your way to the top.
scrabble letters mix


Letter Quiz

Out of all the cities starting with the letter S, which one is the most populated?

In Russia, out of all the names that start with the letter S, which is the most common boys name?

We ask the most common, the biggest, the fastest, the most populated of things, but with a twist.