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Each ‘What Am I’ has 4 clues.

After each clue, everyone gets one guess. If everyone is wrong, move on to the next clue.

If you correctly identify the celebrity by the first clue, get 4 points. Second clue, 3 points. Third clue, 2 points. Fourth clue, 1 point.

I am the fourth most abundant element in the universe.

I am in all living things.

I exist as diamond and as graphite.

There is an effort to reduce my emissions into the atmosphere.

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I am carbon

My name is derived from the nickname of the state I am located in.

I am located on 34th street in Manhattan.

My art deco architectural design is a tourist attraction for visitors to New York.

I was the tallest building in the world until 1970.

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I am the empire state building

I am colloquially called the dance of spirits.

I am caused by the collision of electric charged particles with atoms.

I can be green, blue, red or purple depending on what gases are present.

I am visible at night from countries like Iceland, Scotland, Finland and Sweden.

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I am Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

I am classified as Black, White, Indian, Javan or Sumatran.

A part of me is sold on the black market for more than the price of gold.

A group of me can be called either a herd or a crash.

I have a horn that is made out of the same protein found in human nails and hair.

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I am a rhinoceros

There are approximately 43 quintillion ways for me to be positioned.

There have been approximately 350 million of me sold around the world.

I am a puzzle invented in 1974 by an architecture professor.

People learn algorithms to solve me.

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I am a Rubik’s Cube

Opened in 1937, I am the most photographed on my kind in the world.

I am declared a modern wonder of the world by the American civil engineer society.

I am ironically red in colour.

I am located in the entrance of the San Francisco bay from the Pacific Ocean.

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I am the Golden Gate Bridge

I am named after a word meaning “smooth transition from one thing to another.”

I can travel at 12.5 mph, harnessing 2-horsepower .

My manufacturing company's owner famously died by accidentally riding me off a cliff.

Body weight distribution controls speed and direction.

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I am Palestine

I originated in India in the 6th century and still very popular today.

I can be played blindfolded where moves are said verbally.

My first world championship occurred in 1886.

Some pieces in my game are named after high positions of society.

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I am chess

Occurring in 1986, I am considered the worst of my kind.

My estimated cost was 18 billion ruble.

I caused over 30 deaths and had long term effects such as cancers and deformities.

I am a catastrophic nuclear disaster.

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I am Chernobyl

took over 10 years to build underneath the ground.

I was built by the European Organization for Nuclear research. (CERN).

I was built to advance scientists’ understanding of physics.

The Initialism of my name is LHC.

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I am a Large Hadron Collider

I am made of oil on a white canvas.

I depict a person, yet I have no eyebrows.

I have been on display at the Louvre in Paris, since 1797.

My creator was Leonardo da Vinci.

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I am the Mona Lisa

I am an ongoing project which uses equipment called the Spirit and the Opportunity.

I search for soil, rocks and water.

I research if the Red Planet’s atmosphere is able to support life.

My initialism is MER and I am being deployed by NASA.

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I am the Mars Exploration Rover

Opened in 1914, I am an American civil engineers society modern wonder.

I am located in the Caribbean Sea.

I am a water way.

Ships going coast to coast in the US used to travel around South America until I was made.

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I am the Panama Canal

I am the most remote State capital city outside Australia.

The 44th US president was born here.

I am home to the famous Waikiki beach.

If you come here you may be greeted with an ‘Aloha’

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I am Honolulu

I am located in a building which was originally a 12th century fortress.

There is a large glass pyramid located just next to me.

I span 15 acres, making me one of the biggest of my kind.

I am a museum located in Paris.

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I am The Louvre

I am a company made by brothers Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack.

I have/ had the rights to the Harry Potter trilogy and the Happy Birthday song.

I am a movie making company based in Los Angeles.

I am a subsidiary of the Time Warner company.

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I am Warner Bros

I am the third highest ranked animal for causing the most human death.

I am one of the oldest creatures to ever live on earth.

I have an exoskeleton, eight legs making me an arachnid and a curved back.

It is a debated fact that if you pour vodka on me, I will sting myself to death.

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I am a scorpion

I am a mode of transport invented in 1956.

I am able to move over land, water, mud and ice.

I use pressurized air as a cushion to lift myself of a surface.

People operating me are called pilots but I barely leave the ground.

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I am a hovercraft

I am an area named after a material commonly used in my area.

A lot of my development is as a result of Stanford graduates.

I am the nickname of the South Bay portion of the San Francisco area.

I am considered the hub of technology companies in the US.

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I am Silicon Valley

I am a metal sphere with four antenna spokes sticking out.

I am a creation of the Russians.

I was launched into space in 1957.

I am the first artificial earth satellite.

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I am Sputnik 1

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